Live Stream & Record Videos on Your PC!

  • Live Stream to Social Media platforms
  • Record Your Screen for Training Videos
  • Capture Screenshots for Presentations
  • Dictate to Your Computer (Speech to Text)
  • Use Seamlessly with MS Office 365
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live streamingLive Streaming

screen capture

  • Live Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch. Play Computer Games and Virtual Games.
  • Record and Stream simultaneously.
  • Autocue/Teleprompter Visual Aid.
  • Use multiple streaming profiles.
  • Stream Desktop, Webcam or Video files.

  • How to use Live Streaming

screen recordingScreen Recording

screen capture

  • Record Videos for Training and Tutorials, Record Podcasts and Games
  • Record Desktop, Webcam, Picture in Picture
  • Record Skype or other VOIP calls
  • Record and Stream simultaneously
  • Use Hotkeys.

  • How to use Screen Recording

screen captureScreen Capture

screen capture

  • Capture Desktop, Webcam, Web page or any region of your computer screen
  • Manual or Auto save to file
  • Capture to Clipboard
  • Auto Email Image on Capture
  • Use Hotkeys

  • How to use Screen Capture

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Screen Elf is a desktop productivity tool which works seamlessly with all Microsoft Office applications. It can be used for Live Streaming, Screen Recording, Screen Capture, Podcasting and Gaming from your PC or Web. Screen Elf can also be integrated with your email for a wide range of business and domestic purposes. All set-up options are contained in just one easy-to-use dialog. Screen Elf is available in the Microsoft Store.

screen elf live streamming, screen recording and capture menus.
screen capture option settingss

using screen elf at home  Community & Social

At Home

  • how to Live stream your Webcam and Desktop to your favorite social media platforms.
    Social Media - Live stream to your favorite social media platforms.
  • how to Stream and Record Video Games
    Music & Games - Stream and Record Music, Videos, and Play Games
  • how to Create Video Diaries
    Video Diaries - Create Video Diaries
  • how to Start Vlogging on Social Media
    Vlogging - Start Vlogging on Social Media
  • how to Set up Webcam Surveillance
    Security - Use Webcam Surveillance

  • Learn More About Screen Capture and Recording Software
using screen elf for windows live streaming

     Video Blogging    Screen Recording   Dictation    Screen Capture   Text-To-Speech   Record Music, Videos, Gaming    Live Streaming   Webcam Surveillance

using screen elf for business  Business & eCommerce

In the Office

  • Using screen elf to demo your products and services
    Tutorials - Record demos of your products & services
  • using screen elf to Communicate company messages
    User Testing - Get real-time Screen/Video feedback from Customers.
  • Using screen elf with video streaming and sharing platforms
    Live Streaming - Use with Video Streaming & sharing platforms
  • using screen elf to assist error reporting and bug fixing
    Bug Fixing - Assist error reporting and bug fixing
  • using screen elf to Improve training and presentation
    Presentations - Improve training and presentation

  • Learn More About Live Streaming in Business
screen recording a training session

     Office Integration   Screen Recording   Live Streaming    Dictation   User Testing   QR Code Generator    Transcribing   Screen Capture

using screen elf for education  Education & Learning

live streaming a a classroom

     Lesson planning   Dictation   Screen Recording    Report Preparation   Text-To-Speech   Screen Capture    MS office integration   Live Streaming

In the Classroom

  • using screen elf to Live Stream your lessons to a wider audience
    Live Streaming - Live Stream your tutorials for wider participation
  • using screen elf to Create How-To and Tutorial videos
    Recording - Screen Record your work and projects
  • using screen elf to Record lessons for absent Students
    Dictation - Use Dictation Pad for language and learning
  • using screen elf to Free up time for Teacher interaction
    Webcam Capture - Capture your desktop and Webcam
  • using screen elf to increase student engagement
    Video- Add video as an integral part of your Teaching Assets

  • Learn More About Live Streaming In Education

What our users are saying...

HR Manager

I love the fact that I can use it inside any program on my PC to quickly record training tutorials for new starters.

Gina Lacey, HR Manager, UK

HR Manager

We've given a copy to our early adopters to gain real-time feedback into how they're really using our software.

Imani Abi, Marketing, USA

HR Manager

Its a real Swiss Army knife of a product, and our pupils use it with enthusiasm to capture and record their projects.

Paul Graham, Teacher, AUS

Technical Features

screen Elf overview

screen elf screen recording software


  •  Live Stream your Webcam and Desktop.
  •  Use multiple connection profiles.
  •  Record Screen, Webcam, Mic & Speakers.
  •  Email Integration for User Testing feedback.
  •  Dictate to your computer (Speech To Text).
  •  Convert Images to Text/QR Code Generator.
  •  Read Aloud Text to Speech.
  •  Webcam Surveillance with Motion Detection
  •  Highlight Mouse.
  •  Zoom Webcam, Adjust Colors
  •  Autocue/Teleprompter
  •  MP4, MP3, WMV file formats.
  •  H264, AAC/MP3 Codec (FFmpeg.)
  •  OCR Engine (Tesseract/Windows Media OCR).
  •  Microsoft Office Integration
  •  Installs to Systray, Clicks to top of Screen.

System Requirements

  •  Windows 7/8 or 10 Operating System
  •  Intel/AMD Processor i3/i5 or higher
  •  1GB Memory
  •  Webcam, Microphone

What our users are saying...

HR Manager

I use Screen Elf to record video CVs for some of my candidates; it saves me and my clients a lot of time.

Alan Souter, Recruiter, NZ

IT Support

We've given all our users a copy so they can provide screen shots and video clips of bugs, making our life a lot easier.

David Peters, IT Support, USA

Media Analyst

Our company has just subscribed to a new video hosting platform, and Screen Elf is a great way to create and stream live content.

Jo Sanders, Media Analyst, AUS

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