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There is nothing more engaging than watching an event taking place live in front of your very own eyes. Whether it's the feeling of anticipation or suspense borne out of its unpredictability, no other form of communication keeps us quite so captivated as live video. When it comes to making sure that people understand us and our messages, live video is the way to go.

Capturing high definition video content was once the preserve of larger enterprises requiring expensive audio-visual equipment and technical know-how. Today, significant increases in broadband speeds, HD quality webcams and low-cost computing power, now makes it possible for all of us to become custodians and broadcasters of our own high-definition messages.

Our mission here at Screen Elf is to empower businesses and individuals to create, share and distribute HD video content to get their messages across in a faster and more compelling manner.


Screen Elf began its life in 2017 following the frustrations of its creator to find a simple-to-use tool that would allow him to live stream and record video content on his PC for training and tutorials, plus use it in a diverse range of online media platforms and office documents. While many software tools existed, they often required significant technical knowledge of the subject matter, lacked seamless integration with existing Microsoft Office software, and rarely came with a simple reset button to expunge the confusion. Screen Elf harnesses the best features of Video, Audio and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to simplify the process of creating visual and audio content using your computer screen and webcam.

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Screen Elf

Screen Elf provides users of the Windows Operating System with a centrally located tool for creating high quality videos and gaining important customer feedback and User Testing insights. Screen Elf was designed with non-technical users in mind and groups the following Screen productivity tasks into one easy-to-use software interface.

  • Live Streaming
  • Screen Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Dictation (Speech-To-Text)
  • Text To Speech
  • QR Codes/Image-To-Text Conversion
  • Webcam Surveillance


Screen Elf sits quietly in your systray until activated either by clicking on its icon or by using a shortcut key. The application then floats to the top of the Screen where all of its screen productivity functions can be accessed from one simple user interface with a small footprint. Screen Elf comes with built-in reset buttons and assumes that you have no knowledge of Video, Audio or OCR technology at all. Download the free version and experience for yourself the many benefits it can bring to your business or Home projects.

See the How To section of the website for further information.

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