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Gillian Rixey

Parental Control - keeping a watchful eye.

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Why Do Parents Use Parental Control Software? 

Parental control software is an umbrella term used to describe a range of software programs that place customizable filters and barriers on the internet. It is known as parental control software as it is most often used to monitor the activities of a child when they surf the world wide web. Without knowing the specifics and benefits of parental control software, it's easy to assume that implementing these measures is too authoritarian. However, there are many reasons why even the most placid parent can benefit from parental control software: 

Productivity and Time Management

Parental Control Software is often perceived as simply a way of protecting a child from interacting with strangers or seeing unsuitable material on the internet. However, did you know that there are types of parental control software which are most subtle and have a different prerogrative? You can set up customizable options that allow the computer to essentially guide the child to the 'good' websites and prevent them from procrastinating too much. Research for homework can be done more effectively on the internet, so as long as it's used wisely, your child can do very well by using a computer to help them with essays for school. 

The Blue Whale Challenge

Every parent worries about their child, but this worry can be multiplied by the strange and often horrifying things put out on the internet. The 'Blue Whale Challenge' is just one example of many that shows us there are truly some sickos out there. In 2016 this gruesome series of memes and follow-up actions encouraged those who followed it to self-harm. The final stage of the challenge was to commit suicide. 

It's easy to say that it sounds absolutely ridiculous, but let's not forget how naive and vulnerable kids are. The challenge took the lives of 130 children, so one cannot underestimate the importance of closely monitoring your child's internet usage. If you don't want to be seen as control freak and aren't well-versed in customizing software, hire a professional to do it. The dark, hidden corners of the internet are much less easily reached when you implement parental control software. 

The Blue Whale challenge is an extreme example of how dangerous the internet can potentially be. Sexual predators and cyber bullies are already enough to contend with, and then we have these random strangers spreading harmful material on social media that implores people to kill themselves. It's no surprise that safety is one of the top reasons why parents use software to try and keep their child safe. 

Technological Progress

Technological progress certainly has its benefits, but it makes a parent's job much more difficult with regards to monitoring a child's smartphone and computer activity. When the internet first came out, it was easy enough to keep track of what your child was doing. All you had to do was place the single family computer in the central family room, and glance over from your book every few minutes! Those were the days of dial up and AOL chatrooms. Nowadays, however, progress has resulted in a close to impossible task for parents. 

Smartphones, laptops, notebooks, and apps like Snapchat mean that children have a lot more opportunity for secrecy. The great thing about parental control software is that you can now get apps that will allow you to control the browsing restrictions from your own phone. This allows you to control where your child can browse, and it can be streamlined to cater for all of their devices. Plus, a sneaky kid is going to find it difficult to get your phone off you long enough to disable the restrictions!  


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